Powerful admin panel with zero dev effort.

Connect to your SQL database and get
search, actions, dashboards and collaboration.

Unlock the data in your database
It's easy to convince yourself that your situation is unique and that there's no other option than building out custom internal tools to manage you application. It may even sound like a fun project to some developers.
But in reality that kind of project is a huge timesink especially when you have a small team and there are 10 000 more important features your users want that you could be working on instead.
PieAdmin provides you with everything you need to get started supporting your users and overseeing you application. Give it a try and enjoy having a powerful way to navigate your database's data & write queries from day one.


Automatic admin for all you database tables
Edit any database row
View all linked rows (using foreign keys)
Filter rows with all kinds of operators
Write SQL queries in our advanced editor
Explore your database schema right in the SQL editor
Automatically run queries up to every 5 minutes
Visualize query results as table, number, bar chart or line chat
Place query visualizations on dashboards


$0 /month
1 user
1 environment
1 dashboard
Reports refresh every 6 hours
$25 /month
5 users
3 environments
3 dashboards
Reports refresh every 60 minutes
Email support
$100 /month
30 users
Unlimited environments
Unlimited dashboards
Reports refresh every 5 minutes
Email support
$250 /month
150 users
Unlimited environments
Unlimited dashboards
Reports refresh every 5 minutes
Phone support
Questions? Talk to a founder via email.

Transparent pricing details—

All PieAdmin paid accounts are fully-managed by us, on our servers. That means we take care of uptime, server maintenance, security, and updates to our software (which all customers get for free). If paying customers are having trouble setting up backups we can help with that.
We have a simple and fair billing policy: if you go over your environment, dashboard or user limit, we won’t suspend your account. Instead, we email you when it’s time to upgrade based on consistent overages.
We do not offer refunds, but you can cancel your account at any time and you’ll never have to pay again.
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