Powerful admin panel with zero dev effort.

Connect to your SQL database and get
search, actions, dashboards and collaboration.

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Free features

Advanced Search
Custom entity segments
Create / update / delete entities
View entitiy's associations
Team permissions

Pro & unlimited features

Report folders
Frequent report refreshes
Notes / comments on entities
Activity log (for audit)
Priority support


Simple Pricing


Use the product free...

1 users
1 custom actions per entity
1 environment
1 dashboard
Reports refresh every 6 hours


+ $5/month per extra user

5 users
3 custom actions per entity
3 environments
3 dashboards
Reports refresh every 15 minutes


$95/month for 20 users
+ $3/month per extra user

20 users
Unlimited custom actions per entity
Unlimited environments
Unlimited dashboards
Reports refresh every 5 minutes

All of our plans will help you:

Monitor your application

Build dashboards to surface your most important statistics and monitor feature usage.

Having good dashboards with the right metrics will make you confident that your app is growing and that you didn't break a feature with that latest deploy.

Support your users

Building an admin panel takes a lot of developer time and never does everything you would like it to do.

With PieAdmin you could have the full CRUD, custom support actions based on SQL and relationships built in less than 10 minutes.

Run custom actions on entities

As you support the users of your application you'll run into some common tasks you end up doing / fixing manually.

With PieAdmin you could have a simple button you can press anytime you need to run SQL related to an entity.

Love managing your application

Instead of being stuck using a quickly put together admin panel and not really knowing what's hapenning with your users;

Find joy in being able to support your users painlessly and find answers to your questions quickly with reports and dashboards.

Get setup in minutes and more productive forever...

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